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Can a meeting be quorate with just one person?

The answer to this is “no”.

Quoracy means that a sufficient number of voting members are present to be able to make a decision on behalf of the whole. In a governing body committee this might be set at 2/3rds of the full committee strength.

In theory, I suppose, if you had a committee of [...]

Legal requirements for meeting minutes

Meeting minutes can very occasionally turn up in the law courts.

They can be used as evidence, for instance if someone should challenge the validity of certain actions.

The key principle to understand is that of liability. Meeting minutes shift the liability for the actions undertaken from the individual to the group. The group becomes [...]

Do meetings have to be quorate?

Being quorate (or having a quorum) is an important concept for meetings, especially for formal ones such as school governing bodies.

What does quorate mean?

First, what does quorate mean? A quorum is the minimum number of people present for the meeting to have formal significance.

For example, a typical school governing body must have [...]