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The 6 Greatest Meetings of All Time

Have you ever wondered what the greatest meetings of all time were? This article is our list of what we consider the top 6 meetings in our history. We hope that you learn from the best…

The Paris Peace Conference (1919)

The Paris Peace Conference was a meeting between the allied victors at the end [...]

What to wear to a meeting?

Have you heard of the man who went to a meeting and forgot to wear dark socks with his suit and coloured in his ankles with a black felt-tip marker? If this sounds like something you might do, do not panic- follow our guidelines on how to dress for a meeting.

If you are unsure [...]

5 unbreakable ways to tell who is the meeting chair

It may sound silly but working out who is the chair of a meeting is not as straightforward as you think.

In these informal times we rarely spell out that a particular person is or isn’t the meeting chair. But, by applying these 5 questions to everyone in your meeting, you should be able work [...]

How to write the meeting minutes

Being asked to write up the minutes from a meeting can sometimes seem a difficult task. However, if you follow our simple steps below you’ll write great meeting minutes and amaze your colleagues.

1. Go to the meeting, understand what is said, and take notes.

You don’t need to note every word. Just keep a [...]

The purpose of meetings is to coordinate action!

Why do we have meetings ? What is the meeting purpose? In this article I look at the role a meeting should play and how to tell a healthy one from an unhealthy one.

Meeting together is nothing new, since very early times humans have gathered together to plan and review their joint activities. [...]

How to chair your first meeting

Being asked to chair your first meeting can be a daunting prospect. My simple guide below outlines the key aspects you need to be aware of.

1. Understand the meeting objectives

If you’re the chair of the meeting then you are the one setting the objectives for that meeting.

You need to:

Understand what the [...]

15 point agenda checklist for a great meeting

If you’re the chair of the meeting, then you might find this handy 15 point agenda checklist of everything a good agenda should have. You don’t have to tick every box, but this will help you ensure nothing gets missed out

I think a great agenda should have the following characteristics:

Name of the meeting [...]

How to write a good meeting agenda

Learn how to write a good meeting agenda with our 5 key steps.

Writing a good agenda is essential to get everyone in your meeting working in the direction you want. My five top tips for a good meeting agenda are below:

1. Circulate the agenda in advance

It’s amazing how often we fail to [...]

How to start a meeting

Start a meeting as the chair

Start a meeting as the chair

Learn the five most important things to do before you start any meeting.

The five most important things to do before you start a meeting are:


1. Is everyone who should be here present?

If someone is missing you need to discuss it with everyone [...]