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How to interject in a meeting

Understanding how and when to interject in a meeting is an art that is easy to master, by understanding a few simple rules.

Rule #1 – The chair of the meeting has ultimate responsibility for who speaks and who doesn’t.

If you’re not sure who is the chair, see our guide for how to find [...]

How to really run a conference call: with equality!

Once a team gets over a certain size, is spread over various locations (and timezones) conference calls become a necessary evil. They are a way of getting decisions made and actions allocated without physical presence.

But, how do you make them work for 100% of the participants?

I felt this very keenly at my last [...]

Discovering a mistake in the meeting minutes

You’ve discovered a mistake in a circulated copy of minutes from a meeting. Should you raise the issue, and if so how?

First off there is a different etiquette depending on your point of view and the severity of the issue.

If you were not at the meeting

If you weren’t at the meeting [...]

How to stay awake in boring meetings

You may not be a victim of sleeping sickness yet your boss has just told you to stay awake during meetings and to stifle that yawn. But, how do you do it without being rude? The reality may well be that you are in a boring meeting.

Here are my four options for getting out [...]

How do you ensure your meetings start on time?

Getting people to turn up to meetings on time can be intensely frustrating.

With a little preparation you can make a big difference to all your meetings.

My top tips are as follows:

1. Circulate a clear agenda

As covered in my article, 15 steps to a great agenda, a great meeting starts with a [...]

5 unbreakable ways to tell who is the meeting chair

It may sound silly but working out who is the chair of a meeting is not as straightforward as you think.

In these informal times we rarely spell out that a particular person is or isn’t the meeting chair. But, by applying these 5 questions to everyone in your meeting, you should be able work [...]

How to chair your first meeting

Being asked to chair your first meeting can be a daunting prospect. My simple guide below outlines the key aspects you need to be aware of.

1. Understand the meeting objectives

If you’re the chair of the meeting then you are the one setting the objectives for that meeting.

You need to:

Understand what the [...]