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Good agendas

Do meeting agendas need to be printed for every person?

There’s a simple answer to this – “yes”.

Imagine, you are a person who attends several meetings a day. It can be very easy to turn up to a meeting and not really know what the meeting is about.

Your meeting agenda will set this busy (and likely important) person’s mind at rest.  It will help them:

  • prepare their contribution to an upcoming topic
  • understand the purpose of the meeting
  • be able to track how far the meeting discussion has reached
  • contribute with confidence that they are not speaking “out of turn”

If someone is attending, it is because their presence is valued. By providing each person with an agenda you show that you value them enough to tell them what is going on.

What about public meetings?

A public meeting is even more reason why printed agendas should be provided on entry. Imagine going to a church service and not being given an order of service, you’d be completely lost as the priest goes through all the various sections.  The more people there are, the more you will need to work to get people to make the contributions that you value (if you don’t value their contribution why invite them along at all? You could always just send them a youtube video link…)


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